Tim Weske: Stunt Fight Coordinator/Trainer/Choreographer in all weapons

Films & Concepts Produced by Tim Weske

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Fantasy Women Battles

Fantasy Women BattlesView Sizzle Reel

Fantasy Women Battles (FWB) is a competition between 16 beautiful women playing fantasy characters.  Voters decide who lives and who dies.  Visit the web site www.fantasywomenbattles.com  the show is in progress.

Gladiator Camp

Gladiator CampView Sizzle Reel

Gladiator Camp is a competition show that tests the will and strength of the competitors as they are brought back to the days of Rome, are made to be slaves and have to fight in the coliseum.  In this show we don't vote you off, we kill you off.

If you have interest in these projects being brought to network please contact Tim.

Show trailers produced and directed by Tim Weske

Shows in Development

  • The Hunted
  • Naked & Scared to Death
  • Visions
  • Cooked Goose (Dark Meat)