Tim Weske: Action Scene Designer, Sword Fight Choreographer, Fight Movement Trainer


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fencers fencersFencer
Electric FencingfencerElectric Fencing
Fencing InstructorInstructor’s Gear Competition Fencing Gear (Mask, Glove, & Jacket)

Fencing MasksFencing Accessories (Masks, Gloves, Shoes, Lamé, & Body Cord)

Men's and Women's Chest Protectors
Chest Protectors

Equipment Bags
Shoulder Equipment Bag Shoulder Equipment Bagfencing bagsEquipment Carry Bag

Wardrobe items available include:

  • Fencing Jackets
  • Fencing Gloves
  • Fencing Pants
  • Fencing Masks
  • Fencing Bags
  • Fencing Socks
  • Electric Fencing Vests (Lame's)