Tim Weske: Stunt Fight Coordinator/Trainer/Choreographer in all weapons

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"The sword fight is NOT about the SWORD.  It is about a moment in the life of the character wielding it..”

It’s about the project, It’s about the story and it IS important.

When you are ready to create something special, contact me at (818) 421-2926 or swordmaster1@earthlink.net

Stars Trained

Sandra Bullock, Chris Pratt, Natalie Portman, Brad Pitt, Laurence Fishburne, and more

"Sword fighting is the hardest, scariest, and funnest thing I have ever done. Thank God I had Tim as my sword master!"

Marisa Miller

Combat for Film Expertise

Tim Weske's 30+ year background in sword fighting and extensive work with the Los Angeles film industry makes him the perfect choice for:

  • Action Scene Designer
  • Fight Choreography
  • Fight Movement Trainer
  • Sword Fight Training
  • Stage and Film Combat

Action Scene Designer

When a writer puts the words "They Fight" in his script, he imagines an amazing fight that is brutal and real, committed and very entertaining.

Designing an action sequence takes a particular talent, the ability to listen and create and an ability to see beyond the literal meaning of "They Fight". Being able to design scenes and train talent and see the writer and directors vision then to make it come to life for the camera or the stage is a rare expertise.

To capture that raw emotion, make the fight safe and yet entertaining with actors that are confident in what they are doing and prepared physically and mentally to perform not just a fight, but more importantly, a continuation of the main story and so doing, create a story of their own. Accomplishing this is not something you can trust just anyone to do.

Tim Weske has the vision that the author imagined to bring the life and energy to the story. He teaches techniques that will allow your actors to understand and to be confident with the movement to convincingly perform the fight. Tim understands how to create fights that can be filmed in master shots showing the full physical power of the body and full commitment to the performance. He can instill attitude, motivation, timing, tempo, energy and realism to the action scene that goes beyond the fight.


Current Projects Produced by Tim Weske

Fantasy Women BattlesOriginal Concepts
Producer / Director / Writer

Swordplay for Shakespeare: Stage Combat Fight Training Videos

Hollywood Actors Combat AcademyHollywood Actors Combat Academy

Fantasy Women BattlesFantasy Women Battles


Tim Weske is a Member of:

  • The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
  • The Taurus Stunt Awards
  • SAG & AFTRA member since 1985


  • For training and choreography of you film project
  • Location rental
  • Rental of props, set decor and wardrobe

Cell Phone: 818-421-2926
Fax: 818-566-4357
Email: swordmaster1@earthlink.net


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Tim Weske has been choreographing sword and hand-to-hand fight sequences for film, television & stage for 35 years. He has trained thousands of people and choreographed thousands of fight scenes.